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Services for Adults:

My goal is to help clients feel that they are living authentically.  I believe that when we give ourselves over to the demand of others (work, kids, etc.) and lose touch with who we are on the inside and what our greater purpose is, we then feel the impacts of anxiety, and depression the most.  We all have an inner voice that can help or hinder us in making decisions.  Sometimes we need to learn how to listen better to that voice, or learn to shut it down or change it to more positive messages.  Sometimes we need to uncover where that voice came from in the first place and implement mindfulness and body work so that we can heal.  I would feel honored to offer a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, where you can open up to me and share your story.  Together we can tailor our work to meet your individual needs.  I want to help you to attain the personal growth you're striving for.  I have helped adults with a wide range of issues that span from depression, anxiety, grief counseling, parenting support, PTSD, and more.  

Services for Expectant and New Parents:

I am certified by Postpartum Support International to provide services to those affected by postpartum depression (PPD) / perinatal mood & anxiety disorders (PMAD).  Every parent deserves to enjoy the postpartum period with their child.  If you are experiencing feelings of anger or irritability, lack of interest in the baby, appetite and sleep distrubance, crying and sadness, loss of interest, joy or pleasure in the things you used to enjoy, feelings of guilt, shame or hopelessness, or have thoughts of harming the baby or yourself, please reach out for help.  There is hope and there is help.  

I am passionate in supporting new mothers and fathers.  Bringing home a baby is a big change and can be extremely stressful.  I can offer home visits for new parents in the Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, Lorton, and Fort Belvoir areas.  During a home visit, we can talk about any concerns you may have about being home with baby, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, child development, parenting styles, babyproofing, etc.  I can also complete a screening if you're concerned you may be suffering symptoms of a perinatal mood & anxiety disorder.  Please contact me if you are interested in arringing this visit, and we can discuss your specific needs and concerns so that I may come prepared with appropriate resources.  **Please note, this service is not covered under insurance plans**


Services for Children & Adolescents:

The adolescent brain is fascinating and growing while hormones are hard at work too!  These changes, met with social media, peer group pressure, academic challenges, gender identity, and the internal desire to be independent, but remaining dependent on parents can make the teenage years rough.  Sometimes, having an adult who is NOT their parent can provide some relief to both parents and the teen.  I typically structure teen sessions individually, but include time with the parent(s) together either at the beginning or at the end of the session to check-in.  Often, I will leave it up to the client (your adolescent) to decide if he/she/they want to share.    

When working with children, I often use play, movement, and art therapies.  Sometimes a session with a child may seem like all we do is play, but play is crucial to a child's development and to his/her healing.  Because parents play crucial roles in the lives of children, some of our sessions may be more focused on you, rather than the child. 


Reduced Fee Services with Counseling Intern, Tania Alfaro

Beginning January 2018, Tania will see teens, children, and families for therapy services.  Tania is bilingual (Spanish-English) and operates on a sliding fee scale. 

Please click here to learn more about Tania. 

Feel free to reach out to Tania directly: 571-659-3178 or Tania.V.Alfaro@gmail.com or contact me if you are interested in her services.   


Here is some additional information about play:  http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/119/1/182






Clinical Supervision Services for Virginia LPC-eligible Candidates

Individual and Group supervision is available.  Please contact me via email for more information or to discuss the logistics.  



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