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EMDR Consultation

Supporting Your Success as an EMDR Clinician

EMDRIA-Approved Consultant-In-Training (CIT)

Support & Guidance

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Group Consultation via Google Meet
   -small group size: no more than four members
   -deepen your understanding of EMDR
   -understand case conceptualization and treatment planning through the Adaptive Information Processing lens
   -learn to apply special protocols as needed
   -participate in in-depth review of EMDR processing through video, audio, and transcripts of sessions 
   -earn hours towards certification as an EMDR therapist with EMDRIA

Rates: $450 for five 2-hour sessions (that's only $45/hr) 

Please email me if you are interested in group consultation.

Individual Consultation allows for closer examination of your work and development as an EMDR-trained clinician.  Individual Consultation is required by EMDRIA if you are pursuing certification as an EMDR provider.  

What to expect with me:  A warm and supportive session where we can explore the AIP model in depth as we apply it to your work with your clients.  I'll also support you in developing your confidence in using EMDR with your clients. 


My EMDR consultant is EMDRIA-approved Consultant, Mary Ray, LCSW.  She trained with Francine Shapiro and is a faculty member at The Center for Excellence in EMDR with Deany Laliotis.


My fee for individual consultation is $100/60-min session.  I request that you complete a case write-up and/or send in a video of you using EMDR prior to our session to help guide how I can support you in using EMDR.  

Video Conference
Working from Home

Individual Consultation (Zoom or In-Person)

Please email if interested.

Individual Consultation allows you to more deeply explore yourself as an EMDR therapist.  Sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes to allow for sufficient time to conceptualize cases and do your own EMDR work.  Being a trauma therapist is hard work.  My goal is to support you, as an individual and therapist, so that you can feel confident using EMDR with your clients, facilitating healing and change. 

Rates: $150 per 60-minute consultation session, $225 per 90-minute session 

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