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Individual Psychotherapy Services


Therapy for Adults

I am a trauma-informed therapist and EMDR therapist.  I'm also a bit of a brain & neuroscience nerd and I love to apply that science in my practice.  My goal as a therapist is to help individuals heal the emotional wounds from the past and enhance the strengths they already have so that they can enjoy a more authentic life and be present in it.  

We all have experienced trauma.  When we do, the traumatic information is stored in our brains & bodies, often in a maladaptive way.  As an EMDR therapist, I seek to discover what experiences (positive and negative) shaped you into who you are today, and uncover what past experiences may be contributing to your current distress (anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms, relationship difficulties, etc.).  My goal is to facilitate the brain's reprocessing of the maladaptive information to help it become adaptive.  

You can learn more about EMDR here:

Therapy For Adolescents

***Please note: I am NOT accepting new adolescents, children, or families**

The adolescent brain is fascinating and growing while hormones are hard at work too!  These changes, met with social media, peer group pressure, academic challenges, gender identity, and the internal desire to be independent, but remaining dependent on parents can make the teenage years rough.  

I also incorporate using EMDR with teens and children, as their young brains have not endured as much neural myelination as adult brains, and the work can often be completed more quickly than with adults.  

Teenagers in Park
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